Flannel Friday: Fall Leaves are Falling

As temperatures hover in the 90s, I am dreaming and planning for cooler weather! I used my Ellison die machine for some quick and easy maple leaves in anticiption of the changing season 🙂


autumn leaves

Five Little Leaves



Five little leaves in the autumn breeze

tumbled and fluttered from the trees.

The first little leaf said, “I am red,

I shall rest on a flower bed.”

The second little leaf (an orange one) said,

“Pick me up! I’m cold and wet!”

The third little leaf said, “I am yellow.

I’m a happy-go-lucky fellow.”

The fourth little leaf said, “I’m still as green

as when I was part of the summer scene.”

The fifth little leaf said, “I am brown,

and I shall blow all over town!”


You can find Flannel Friday at Loons and Quines this week, on Twitter with the hashtag #flannelfriday, or on Pinterest.

2 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Fall Leaves are Falling

  1. Ooooh! I missed participating in the Flannel Friday Round-Up last week and am just getting around to reading this.

    I’m excited to read your post because I have not seen this rhyme before. It is a perfect addition to the ones I already use ~ and I already have the Fall-colored felt leaves! I used our Diecut to make them, too. So simple and fast!

    Do you mind if I add a link of this post to my Flannel Friday post from this week? My contribution this week is about using Fall leaves to sing an interactive song and a transition song…

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