Flannel Friday: Two Little Elephants

Felt elephant finger puppets

Felt elephant finger puppets

These little guys were so easy to whip up! I wish I had used a stiffer felt, though, because they flop a bit when they’re on my fingers. Oh well, elephants are a bit droopy anyway, right?


Two Little Elephants
Two little elephants standing in a row.
Two little trunks waving hello.
“Oh”, said an elephant.
“It’s time to go”.
One little elephant standing in a row.
one little trunk waving hello.
“Hey”, said the elephant.
“Where’d he go?”

An Elephant Goes Like This
An elephant goes like this and that. (stomp feet)
He’s terribly big,(hands up high)
And he’s terribly fat.(hands out wide)
He has no fingers(wiggle fingers)
And he has no toes,(hold out your foot)
But goodness gracious, what a nose!(wiggle finger like a trunk)

The Elephant’s Trunk
The elephant carries a great big trunk;
He never packs it with clothes;
It has no lock and it has no key,
But he takes it wherever he goes.

The Elephant
The elephant has a trunk for a nose,
And up and down is the way it goes;
He wears such a saggy, baggy hide;
Do you think two elephants would fit inside?

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